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Boyz II Men

Some final recruiting thoughts and notes...

AEM (he of Cuse Chronicles) is doing a detailed recruiting wrap-up over at The Axeman's blog, his take on the offensive players is up now and check back for the defense shortly. The quick recap on the offense:
I'm going to give this half of the class a B for the following reason: with the players coming in at every position (except the QB) this team has improved. At every position one player from this class could easily fit in as a starter, which I believe is excellent. It should be noted that it would have been an A for the `Cuse's staff had they brought in a better qualified quarterback.
So how does this class rate overall? Gotta say, not that shabby. According to Rivals, Syracuse has the #48 class overall, just behind Rutgers and Michigan State. The areas we recruited the strongest were DE (23rd overall) and ATH (12th overall) but a lot of that depends on what you consider each recruit to be position-wise (SU seems to differ with Rivals' take).

How bout in the Big East? Well, the team that finished in dead last in the standings came in a very respectable fourth overall, ahead of Louisville, South Florida, Cincy and UConn. Suck on that, Edsall.

There's a nice article here about recruit Deandre Preaster who wore a No. 44 Ernie Davis football jersey yesterday after his official announcement.

Donnie Webb runs down a few notes and items about the recruits, including some news that Mikhail Marinovich is a little under weight. He wants to get from 225 up to 240 in time for the season opener against Northwestern.

Speaking of Marinovich, I couldn't help but notice that he has one very extremely huge supporter that's with him wherever he goes. Himself...
"I am a good pass rusher, but in high school I played everything: defensive end, linebacker, free safety, wide receiver, slot, and tight end."

"Since I came out of prep school, I have a good chance to play against a lot of college athletes. Up in Milford, I set the sack record."
Yesterday I noted that kicker Austin Wallis was a curious recruit being that he hailed from Kansas. What was it that would make Robinson want to go after a kicker from so far away? Surely it must be because this kid is can't miss, ice-in-his-veins good, right Greg?
"Austin Wallis comes from Kansas City – the Overland Park area in Kansas – and we have roots together. His father and I coached together at the Chiefs and I have known Austin since he was young."
I'm not saying he's a courtesy recruit, Greg, but I hope for your sake you stand behind this guy when there's 0:03 left on the clock and we need a 44-yard field goal to win. Cause if you can't, you gonna have splainin' to do.

Speaking of Greggers, I leave you with Greg's response to what his sales pitch to recruits was following a 2-10 season. It starts out vintage Greg ("it's ancient really is.") but then somewhere along the way it actually, dare I say, sounds pretty good?
"(Joking) We're we 2-10? You know I can't remember back now. (Seriously) I kid you about it because it is ancient history – it really is. This is the team of 2008. I don't know about the sales pitch. We don't talk a whole lot different than what we did our first year. It's really what our intent is and what we are looking for. It isn't just a pitch – I really think it's what we have (at Syracuse). A year ago, we did talk about five players from one team on a Super Bowl Championship team (Indianapolis Colts). Last weekend we talk about a Hall of Fame football player (Art Monk) who goes well beyond the Hall of Fame as a person. This past weekend, we talk about a Super Bowl Championship football coach (Tom Coughlin SU ‘68) and then we get to talk about (Giants wide receiver) David Tyree (SU ’03). This is what this place is all about. From the academic world to the athletic world to the environment of Central New York and the way people feel about Syracuse – that all has a lot to do with it."