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Allow Greg Robinson To Introduce...Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson made it official today. Dan Conley will take over as linebackers coach for his alma mater, proving the collective media and fanbase mancrush going on for Conley was not in vain. Conley takes over for Steve Russ in that position.

But Russ was also the defensive coordinator, whuddupwitdat? Robinson has named assistant Derrick Jackson as co-defensive coordinator. But co- to whom? Why, Greg Robinson of course! Greg did such a bang up job his first time around running the defense, he's giving it another go. Don't think Jackson's title is just that though, he's the real deal according to Greg:
"I have been very impressed with Derrick's football knowledge, his teaching skills, his energy on and off the field, and his maturity in having the ability to demand excellence."
Demanding excellence requires maturity? I demand excellence from my Tivo when it chooses programs for me. When it decides to skip over Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares in lieu of recording the Spanish station's broadcast of Predator ("Despredador"), I don't think it was my lack of maturity that's the reason. Although that certainly was what led to my actually watching it.

"I no se consigue hora de sangrar."