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Wrighting A Wrong

Just when you thought you didn't have Josh Wright to kick around anymore, the embattled senior wants back into your life.

A month after leaving school, Syracuse University senior Josh Wright is taking steps toward returning to the university and the SU basketball team.

According to two sources, Wright is seeking an academic waiver, which would make him eligible to rejoin the Syracuse basketball team once he enrolls in second semester classes. An athletic department source indicated that Wright needs the waiver because he did not take his final exams at the end of the fall semester.

This apparently could happen as soon as this week. No word as to whether or not this is at Boeheim or the coaches' request or just something Wright really wants to do. With eight scholarship players currently healthy, there are worse things to have on the bench than an experienced senior, even one with Wright's credentials.

I didn't get the sense that Boeheim cared much for the way Wright left the team a few weeks back so it will be interesting to see how Wright gets back into the swing of things, if it even happens. Without Boeheim pulling a full strings, that academic waiver might not even come through. If he did become eligible again, he probably won't have much of an on-the-court impact until February earliest. And even then, judging by past experience, I'm not entirely sure what that impact would be.