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Where In The World Is Scoop Jardine?

Check out the boxscore for today's 71-64 win over Providence? Notice anything interesting (besides the fact that Providence almost played twice as many players as SU)? Notice anyone missing?

No, besides Rautins...

No, besides Devo....

Yes, Josh Wright, but that's not who I'm talking about. I probably should have just been specific about this...

You finally got it...Scoop Jardine! What the dilly, Scoop? No one's saying as of yet but Scoop didn't warm up with the team and spent the entire game on the bench in street clothes. In his game blog, Mike Waters shares some rumors:

I'm hearing that he might be suspended for this game (interesting, but not so bad). I've also heard a rumor that he may be done for the year (mother of pearl!).

And yes, for the record if Scoop was done for the year that would leave us with 7 active scholarship players. When did SU basketball turn into a reality TV show? Who will be the last basketball players standing? Who will be...Syracuse Survivor!?!?

Recap of the game and (hopefully) the final answer on Jardine tomorrow.

Update: Top three rumors, straight from the SU boards. Feel free to spread these rumors, at least two of which are patently false, like wildfire!

- Scoop got into a fight on campus with a lacrosse player over a girl. Suspensions for both Scoop & the lacrosse player are indefinite.
#2 - it will probably be something academic related, but that's the story i'm hearing as of now!

#3 - Heard he stole somebody's meal card and the kid pressed charges

Great "sources" guys. Keep it up!

Update 2: Scoop has indeed been suspended indefinitely for "violation of university policy." AWESOME. More to come.

Update 3: According to Axe, the suspension is not academic-related and there's a hearing scheduled "sometime in the next two weeks." In other words, if you're not doing anything this week and you know how to play 2-guard, stop by the Dome and introduce yourself.