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West F'n Virginia

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College basketball has been infected by virus that causes teams to score a ridiculously low amount of points at any given time. No one is immune. Not St. Louis. Not Michigan State. Hell, not even NBA teams.

And now it seems that not even the high-scoring Syracuse Orange are immune.
The Orange started their current road-trip as a hotly streaking contender bubbling below the surface. They ended their road-trip with their second straight loss, an 81-61 debacle to West Virginia and proved what Jim Boeheim has been preaching all season long...this is still very much a work in progress. The Orange missed 16 of their first 23 shots and were never able to recover. 19 turnovers, a season-high, didn't help matters either.
It was West Virginia's biggest home victory over the Orange in 32 years and their first win over SU in four tries. Arinze Onukau led the Orange with 12 points and 7 boards. Donte Greene added 10 and 10 but off of a 3-12 shooting night.
So what's going on here? Is it as simple as saying this is a young, inexperience team playing without a safety net of veterans or a big bench that is learning as they go? Or is there something really wrong? Depends who you ask... Axe says let's stop judging these guys by what they could be and start judging them on what they are. CuseAdelphia is asking "where have you gone, Eric Devendorf?" And as for the message boards, should probably stay away from the message boards... One tiny moral victory over the weekend, Cincy beat Villanova, making that loss seem not as bad. The Orange (12-5, 2-2) will try to right the ship on Wednesday the best way they know how, a home game against Rutgers.

Oh and can we all agree as two proud universities, a conference and a nation to never let these two teams play each other wearing those color schemes again? Something about orange and that mustard-y gold that just don't mix well together.

(AP Photo/Jeff Gentner)