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We Must Have Enough Points By Now For That Travel Mug

I think I threw this in a linkdump recently but I didn't really get into the details of the MapGameDay website. I liked what PittBlather did with the information as it related to them so I figured it was something worth checking into further.

Here is the map of everywhere SU has traveled for away football games since 1998 (you can see the original here)

Aside from the BYU game it doesn't seem like we've done too much road-trippin' but we're actually the 2nd most traveled Big East team during that period. Only UConn racked up more frequent flyer miles. With upcoming trips to Northwestern, Washington and Southern Cal, we might just overtake them in a few years.

Check out Wizard of Odds to see how they extrapolated the data even further. Interesting that 7 of the 10 least traveled schools are SEC schools. And say what you will about USC but they certainly do get around.