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Wait, What If We Throw In A "100% Dome-ination" T-Shirt???

A few weeks back we all held our collective breathes as, finally, an institution that recognized what DOCTOR Daryl Gross has been able to help accomplish and recognizes that he works with vision and patience, was possibly requesting his services. Gross not-so-emphatically shot down the rumor in that way where you deny interest but leave the door open to be publicly wooed from a distance as much as the wooer would like.

The search is still very much ongoing but it turns out, the interest in Gross is waning, shockingly.

Until recently, UM had been considering Syracuse AD Daryl Gross, but he has fallen on the list. Gross declined to comment Thursday.

It's a sad day for all parties. Gross, for not having rival universities battling it out for his visionary services any longer. Miami, for denying themselves the surefire marketing campaign that would have come from 2008's "Miami Is New York's Team" taxicab banners. Syracuse fans, for continuing to have Daryl in their lives.

Make sure you check out the side bar in the Miami-Herald story. They break down each candidate for the position and their strong points. Here's Daryl's:

Former UC-Davis receiver and New York Jets scout spent 14 years as an associate AD at the University of Southern California, where he was instrumental in fund-raising, marketing, coaching searches and negotiating TV contracts. During his tenure, USC teams won 15 national titles and 30 Pac-10 titles. Was hired by Syracuse in 2004, becoming the first black AD in school history.

Look at all those amazing accomplishments while at SU! Can't believe their interest in on the decline.