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To Catch A Manchild

A few weeks back we discussed the ADD-influenced driving skills of Syracuse radio personality The Manchild and why you should be careful when driving your children on Route 81 and see this lunatic driving next to you with a camcorder in hand.

We probably should have just gone ahead and mentioned if you see him at ANY point and your children are around, run like hell!

Question. Let's say you take your small child to a public playhouse/jungle gym. You see a strange older gentleman walking around with a camcorder in his hand. The man is not seemingly tied to any specific child on the premises. He's pointing that camcorder directly at your child as he/she comes down the slide.

How quickly would you have Chris Hansen on the phone? Like, .003 seconds?

I've never listened to the Bud and the Manchild show so I don't know the facts but based on the video blog, here's what I do know:

1. He likes to play with toy robots.
2. He enjoys rainbows.
3. He hangs out in Gymboree on his days off (see above).

I'm sure there's some very good explanations for all these coincidences and I for one will continue to keep a close eye on Manchild's incriminating evidence video blog to see what wacky, disturbing mess he gets into next time.