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Syracuse University Hates Kittens

When DOCTOR Daryl Gross decided to keep Greg Robinson in the employ of Syracuse, many thought it was a victimless crime. Many were wrong...

In the wake of the "
I'll give you $100,000, you give me Ty Willingham's head on a platter" allegations coming out of Washington, it's become clearer than ever that athletics programs are subjected and possibly influenced by the actions of their alumni and boosters.

Sadly, not everyone uses that power for good. Even Syracuse is susceptible.

One booster has decided that every day that Greg Robinson remains head football coach at Syracuse,
a kitten will be killed. The first to go, Mr. Bojangles (pictured), is remembered for his playfulness, ability to frolic and the way his belly fur matched his paws. Please...DOCTOR Gross...if not for us then for the kittens, please fire Greg Robinson and end this once and for all. The ball of yarn is in your court.