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SU Bullish on USF

The match-up of the big men seemed to deliver on paper but in reality, Arinze Onuaku got the better of Kentrell Gransberry in Syracuse's 89-77 win over the Bulls on Saturday. Paul Harris broke out from the shadows of his teammates to score 20 and grab 13 rebounds while Onuaku's 16 and 12 performance coupled with 21 points from Donte Greene sealed the win.

Syracuse seemed to redefine itself with every game. A new player steps up and makes their mark on the offense each time and their game changes to fit the situation. Take Paul Harris' season-best play and the switch from the 2-3 zone to the man-to-man as perfect examples in this one.

Aside from Greene grabbing 17-20 points a night, you really can't put a finger on who's going to stop up big each evening. But whereas last season that meant no one may take the reigns, this season you know someone is going to, it's just a matter of who.

As for how Boeheim felt about Harris' performance, he ponders, well, why this doesn't happen more often:

That's how Paul's got to play. He's involved down on the boards, he gets to the basket, he gets that 15-footer, and he can make that shot. That's the way he can play, that's the way he's got to play. He can play every night."

The team will continue to evolve as the season progresses so there's no way to set anything in stone at the moment. 12-3 (2-0) is a great position to be in at the moment though. The Orange travel to Cincinnati (6-8, 1-1) on Wednesday where the Bearcats will be looking to bounce back from their loss to St. John's.