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Stay Of Execution Granted

The Daily Orange Sports Blog is reporting that the Syracuse swimming and diving programs will continue to compete until 2011 when the final scholarship athletes graduate instead of ending the program once and for all this year. It's a moral victory for the athletes and the alumni who organized a massive front against SU athletics when it was announced that the programs would be canceled after this year to make room for women's ice hockey.

No more scholarships will be granted to the teams and no players will be added. Once the last of the current freshmen finish their eligibility in 2011, the program will dissolve.

SaveSyracuseSwimming has the official press release and as expected, DOCTOR Gross' comments are anything except normal:

"We have had some student-athletes who, although they recognize the program has been discontinued, have expressed an interest in finding a way to complete their career as student-athletes at SU," Gross said. "Though swimming and diving as an intercollegiate program has officially ended at SU, this phase-out will honor the commitment our student-athletes have made, allow them to complete their careers at Syracuse and give them the chance to continue to compete."

Did he really need to mention twice in the statement that the program is still being terminated? At least he was honest in saying that this is only happening because the students wanted it, not cause SU wanted to do it.

It's probably the best those who fought to save the programs could have hoped for. Everyone gets to save a little face and the program gets a more honorable timeline before dissolution.

Seriously though, that ice hockey team better be f'n good.