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Sidestroking The Issue

Yesterday we learned that the SU swimming & diving programs were granted three more years to ensure that all scholarship players get a chance to finish what they started. SU sent out an official press release. Certain swimming agencies and folks close to the issue made their own comments. Eventually, we figured, SUAthletics would make a big splashy post of their own highlighting how great this is for the program and for the student-athletes.

Not so much, it seems. As of this moment there is still no notice of the news on the
SUAthletics website or the men's and women's swimming and diving sections. My guess is that if we haven't seen it by now, it's not going up. Harrumph.

The Post-Standard has written their own story, which breaks down the hardships the program will face over the next three years as it begins the phase-out process:

The program still faces termination along with an uncertain three seasons. Head coach Lou Walker and his staff must fill out their squads with walk-ons or swimmers that can pay their own tuition. The depth of the teams and financial abilities of the program to line up swimmers will be greatly reduced. Gross said money formerly allocated for swimming has been utilized in other ways and he's still trying to find funds to pay for the sport over the next three years.

In other words, if you're a freshman or sophomore at SU, put down the bong and start working on your breaststroke, we may need you.

Lynn Gollands, the mother of SU swimmer Peter Gollands and a member of the coalition to Save Syracuse Swimming added her own statement as well:

"We are pleased that Dr. Gross and the Syracuse University administration acknowledged, reviewed and accepted our initial proposal that was presented this fall, to extend the program an additional three years. All concerned parties, swimmers, parents alumni and supporters concur that the University has chosen the right path of integrity by honoring its contract to these extraordinary student-athletes."

However, Gollands continues by noting that despite the short-term victory, the fight isn't over to save the programs for the long haul:

"As initially expressed through meetings with the administration, and our proposal, the ultimate goal of this organization is to address and solidify the long-range viability of the Syracuse Swimming and Diving Program long after the current athletes have graduated."