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Sending His Very Best Roo To You

It's gotta be an interesting time to be an athlete in the college world. You live in the age of the Internet and you're young enough where a major part of your life exists on it as well. You spend your Saturdays scoring touchdowns but you spend your Tuesdays updating your Facebook page and choosing a new avatar.

Maybe you read sports blogs that dissect your play and personal life, maybe you get emails from strangers about your performance, maybe you even create a Google Alert for your name. It's probably for the best not to engage any of those things but hey, you're human.

The problem when you live in the Internet age and have 814 Facebook friends, many of whom you've never actually met, is that you're probably going to have to deal with negative feedback. Take, for instance, Taj Smith, he of the recent declaration that he's not returning to Syracuse and is going pro. Taj has a Facebook page and has apparently not been getting the response he was hoping for from his decision. Taj has decided to let his Facebook status speak for him:

Taj Smith is saying to those people who continue to put me down on the going into the draft may God Bless u all and none of u can walk in my foot steps..Roo to the Bruh's.

He makes two good points. One, no one else knows what it's like to be Taj Smith and you gotta respect a guy for making his own decisions and walking his own path. Two, the
Bruhs deserve some roo, and it's about time someone gave it to them.

Being white and exceedingly dorky, I decided that since I don't know what "roo" means, I should look it up. I found a few definitions. Some of which would seem to fit well contextually. Others were...quite colorful. The best one?

Short for "rub one out". An acronym pertaining to masturbating.
Example: Build a snowman?... Sure, let me just go roo first.

Billy: Hey, let's build a snowman!
Jim: Build a snowman?...Sure, let me just go roo first.
Billy: Gross, Dad.