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ScoopWatch: Day Four - Catharsis

Scoop Jardine did not beat up a lacrosse player. He was not involved with a sexual assault of any kind. And he did not in fact cause cancer and bring about the Holocaust. In the end, Scoop is guilty of knowing "another student's identification card was being used to order more than $100 worth of food, helped carry in the food when it was delivered to his apartment and then tried to cover up his involvement."

Sounds like a dumb thing to do, especially for a person who can basically get any food he wants at any time (according to one poster, student-athletes like Jardine "get about $1500 spendable cash on their ID cards a semester"), but in a strange way it's a relief to know that's all it was.

Jardine's cousin, 40-year-old Robert Washington,
was arraigned today as the "criminal mastermind" behind it all. WSYR fills in the details:
  1. Washington came from Philadelphia to visit Jardine on January 9th
  2. During his stay, he met up with two women Jardine knew.
  3. On January 13, Washington recieved a call from one of the women asking if he wanted to get breakfast using a student identification card she had found (Jardine was with the team in West Virginia at the time)
  4. When Jardine arrived home on the evening of January 13, the four discussed the ID card.
  5. According to Washington the girls’ decided to order more food and drinks for delivery on the card. They used Scoop's cell phone to make the call.
  6. According to Washington, Scoop did not eat or drink any of the food purchased. Washington signed the reciept, which totaled $115.65.
  7. At some point, Washington left Syracuse.
  8. He returned to Syracuse on January 23, and that's when Scoop told him the cops were investigating the theft. Scoop apparently told him to say he had no involvement in the matter.
Washington is maintaining that Jardine had nothing to do with it. But what about these girls, "Maureen and Shannon?" Why aren't they being prosecuted as well? Unfortunately, such is the way things go for 40-year-old hangers-on when its their name on the receipt of a food order made with a stolen meal card.

And so, now that it's out in the open we can't do anything but wait until the Judicial Board review. Scoop made a very bad judgement. The question is, which judgement was worse...allowing the illegal purchase to be made or inviting Robert Washington up to his apartment in the first place?

All this trouble for Scoop, the University and the basketball team over a couple hamburgers. And by the way, $115??? They must have been really friggin' hungry. I remember prices being expensive but I sure don't remember a late night snack for four costing more than football season tickets.

(Thanks Dominic for the heads up)