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Probably For The Best

At Syracuse, we appreciate a multi-sport athlete more than most (Jim Brown, Vic Hanson, Donovan McNabb). Wide receiver Mike Williams had been carrying on that tradition as of late, moonlighting on the basketball team.

Alas, that seems to have come to an end as Williams has officially
left the team (scroll down). Williams hadn't seen action since the Northeastern game and with the departure of Taj Smith, you can imagine Greg Robinson et al weren't as keen on Williams' little experiment as they were three weeks ago.

Williams value to the basketball team was too minimal and his value to the football team too great at this point to chance things any further. By my calculations that leaves the basketball team with -5 players on their active roster.

Makes you wonder, how in the world were we okay with a player so invaluable as McNabb risking injury on the basketball court all that time?