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Power Pollin' 1/7

It's been a while since I posted the Big East Blogger's Power Poll. A thousand apologies.

This Week's Power Poll Results for 1/1/2008 (1st Place votes in parenthesis):

1) Georgetown (17) - The only team that's truly striking fear into our hearts so far this season
2) Marquette (1) - Lost last night by 15 to West Virginia, don't know if anyone caught that
3) Notre Dame - Showdown for #2 with Marquette this Saturday
4) Villanova - Lose to Depaul but beat Pitt? Wild, cats.
5) Syracuse - Flying under the radar after those early season losses. Good.
6) West Virginia (1) - Gee, I wonder who gave them that #1 vote...
7) Pittsburgh - The softest nationally-ranked team, it seems
8) Connecticut - Yet to win a game worth noting
9) Louisville - The Louisville football team of Big East basketball. What?
10) DePaul - Team Bizarro (6-7, 2-0)
11) Providence - Not even the best team in Rhode Island

12) Seton Hall - Very spotty all season and about to get tested (Marq, Pitt)
13) South Florida - Admirable for a growing program, training wheels officially off
14) St. John's - Another long season ahead for the Johnnies
15) Cincinnati - Followed up L'ville win with St. John's loss. Not good
16) Rutgers - The RAC is still a tough place to play, so there's that

Player of the Week: Luke Harangody, ND

Freshman of the Week: Donte Greene, Syr

The Big East did some honoring of their own this week and agreed with the bloggers that Donte Greene was the best freshman in the conference again this week, his third time.
Arinze Onuaku earned Honor Roll distinction after his 23 points,13 rebounds performance against St. John’s and 16 points, 12 rebounds game against USF. Harangody received POTW honors from the conference as well.

In the
AP/ESPN Polls, the Orange continue to get no love despite a 12-3 record against the #2 schedule in the country. They do receive 2 votes in the ESPN poll, so there's at least one person out there who seems to think the Orange are poll-worthy. Pitt remains in both polls, despite not having given any clear cut reason why they deserve to be there.

Your ranked Big East teams are Georgetown (#7/#8), Marquette (#15, #16), Villanova (#19/#17) and Pittsburgh (#20, #18) with Notre Dame and West Virginia on the cusp.