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Power Pollin' 1/28

Seriously, if you can make sense of this conference right now, be my guest. In the meantime, here's the latest Big East Bloggers Power Poll Results (1st Place Votes in Parentheses):

1) Georgetown (23)
2) Louisville
3) Notre Dame
4) Connecticut
5) Marquette
6) West Virginia
7) Pittsburgh
8) Villanova
9) Seton Hall
10) Cincinnati
11) Syracuse
12) DePaul
13) Providence

14) Rutgers
15) South Florida

16) St. John's

Some big swings from last week (Pitt drops from #2 to #7, UConn up from #8 to #4) and it'll probably do the same thing after this week as well. The Big East is anything but predictable. Syracuse jumps up one spot to #11. Wonder where we'd be if Jonny Flynn's shot against G'town drops...

Co-players of the week were Brian Laing from Seton Hall and Anthony Mason Jr from St. John's. Freshman of the Week was Rutgers' Mike Coburn, proving that this award isn't in fact guaranteed to a Syracuse frosh each week.

In the AP/ESPN Polls, Georgetown holds steady at #6 in both. After that we don't see another Big East team until Marquette at #17/#16. Pittsburgh is right behind them at #18/#21. Also receiving votes are UConn, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Louisville and Villanova.

(Photo: AP)