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Power Pollin' 1/21

As the Big East Bloggers Weekly Power Poll turns...

1) Georgetown (20): 320 points.
2) Pittsburgh: 282 points.
3) West Virginia: 259 points.
4) Marquette: 238 pts.
5) Louisville: 234 points.
6) Villanova: 226 points.
7) Notre Dame: 197 points.
8) Connecticut: 192 points.
9) Cincinnati: 157 points.
10) Providence: 144 points.
11) DePaul: 126 points.
12) Syracuse: 122 points.
13) Seton Hall: 92 points.
14) South Florida: 50 points (tie).
14) St. John's: 50 points (tie).
16) Rutgers: 20 points.

I had G'town at #1 (natch) and Pitt at #2 and then I start to differ with the poll. I pretty much don't agree til around #11 again, although I did put SU above DePaul (sorry, can't get past the overall record).

Villanova's Scottie Reynolds was named Player of the Week and Seton Hall's Jeremy Hazell keeps Freshman of the Week honors warm for whichever Syracuse frosh steps up this week. Both players shared the same honors in the official Big East honors as well. Syracuse's Jonny Flynn picked up some Honor Roll accolades as well.

In the AP/ESPN polls, apparent 2008-09 opponent Memphis took over the #1 spot from North Carolina. Georgetown remains the highest-ranked Big East team at #9 in both. Pittsburgh checks in at #13/#17, Villanova scores a #18 in both and Marquette rounds out the ranked squads at #21/#20. West Virginia is on the cusp of the rankings with Louisville and 9-9 Cincy lurking.

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)