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Please God, Make Daryl A Bird, So He Can Fly Far, Far Away From Here

Let me get this straight. A commercial, intended to promote Syracuse-Hancock Airport, is out there in the ether, involves DOCTOR Daryl Gross making a fool out of himself and no one notices?!?!

There's an edited version of the commercial below but see it in its
original format here.

So I'm assuming some of those people in the commercial are local Syracuse "celebrities." Folks that the people of Syracuse would know and identify with. I'm guessing there's a mayor in there somewhere. Maybe some local business folks. So it would seem only natural that someone be involved from SU. And when you think of recognizable people and public positions in the SU community, surely the first person you should think of is...the athletic director?

What is the percentage of likelihood the Airport originally wanted Boeheim, Gary Gait or even Greg Robinson in the commercial and Gross adamantly assured them the coaches were unavailable but he would happily appear on their behalf? Like, 500%?

To answer your question, yes, this is the photo I will always use to refer to the DOC from now on.