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P2: The Rise Of Pasqualoni

Whenever people try to make the argument that SU should have kept Coach P they always point to his overall record. Granted, on paper, it's pretty impressive. So here's a question...given that at a glance the man has a solid resume as a head coach, why hasn't his name ever really come up for a head coaching job again? I think we all know the answer to that here in Cuseland but to the general public, does he seem like any worse a candidate than the other 50 guys out there who keep shuffling in and out of coaching vacancies?

Pasqualoni disappeared into the Cowboys coaching staff in 2005 under Parcells and hasn't made too much noise since Until now, it seems, as new Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is apparently
going to bring Coach P on as his defensive coordinator. According to Pro Football Talk...

Cowboys secondary coach Todd Bowles is expected to leave to become the Dolphins' assistant head coach, and Cowboys linebackers coach Paul Pasqualoni is expected to become the Dolphins' defensive coordinator. Both Bowles and Pasqualoni first joined the Cowboys staff in 2005, when Bill Parcells was head coach, and both of those moves could be announced soon, although the Dolphins technically can't hire either until their contracts expire next week.

I'd warn Dolphin fans but to be honest, it can't much worse for them anyway and we're over here dealing with Greg Robinson. I'm in no position.

By the way, what's up with the exodus of Dallas assistant coaches? Is Wade Phillips that much of a bad boss or is Parcells that much of a good boss?

Thanks SCZA for the head's up.