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Orange Get Ready To Play On The...How Do You Say...Road

Children grow up, they move out! Sometimes to ridiculous places like Cincinnati, or Boise, Idaho! Then you never see them again!
Mighty Aphrodite

The Orange hit the road (Somebody, Call Dana O'Neil!) to take on the 6-8 (1-1) Bearcats tonight. Cincy upset Louisville in Kentucky but followed it up with a wacky 70-58 loss to St. John's. The Bearcats are averaging a mere 64.5 PPG, which in theory should be anywhere near enough to keep up with the Orange (85.9). Deonta Vaughan leads them with 15.9 PPG and 4.1 APG and he is the only player averaging in double figures, compared to the Orange who have five.

Oh, and while
Syracuse has had no problem recently grabbing rebounds, Cincinnati is currently last in the conference at 35.1/game. The Orange are out-rebounding opponents by almost 8 a game. Arinze, you may proceed.

Syracuse leads the all-time series 3-1 but almost lost to the Bearcats in the Dome last year, eeking out at 77-76 victory. All signs point to the Orange in this one...and that just officially scared the crap out of me. Still...

Syracuse 91, Cincinnati 79

(AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)