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I'm way too lazy today to preview the SU-Villanova game so instead check out Statsheet for the statistical breakdown, SUAthletics for the extremely-biased breakdown, Let'sGoNova for the Wildcat perspective and Axeman for the "key to the game" breakdown.
  • Don't forget about the ladies, they tussle with the Wildcats as well this weekend...SUAthletics
  • It's all about playing at home this season in the Big East (unlike other years?)...Mike Waters
  • Hey, how is next year's incoming class of basketballers looking?
  • The Big East is lacking on alumni playing this weekend in the NFL...SimonOnSports
  • The secret deal Axe and I have worked out to scam all you unsuspecting suckers out of dozens and dozens of cents for clicking on our blogs is revealed. Like I told Axe, "We'll live like kings, I tell you! Damn hell-ass kings!" (3rd comment)...The Axeman