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  • The quickly-becoming-a-daily-read CuseAdelphia does an early preview of the 2008 football season...CuseAdelphia
  • If you're not already doing so, check out the Big East podcasts over at...BigEastCast
  • Specifically, take a listen to their discussion with the Post-Standard's Mike Waters...BigEastCast
  • I get the appeal of a game-worn jersey but game-worn pants? What are you gonna do with them? They're not even Max Suter's pants...eBay
  • Not Cuse-related but just an absolutely heart-wrenching semi-sports-related story that deserves your attention. Get your hanky ready...CBS Sportsline
  • Obviously this isn't exactly news central for the Writer's Strike going on but I just had to post this piece by Lost Co-Creator Damon Lindeloff on "Why We Write." All you fellow bloggers and writers (and most others) out there will appreciate...DeadlineHollywoodDaily