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Let The Self-Congratulating Begin!

The College Football Blog Awards 2007 are here!

You may or may not remember them from last season and it's a great opportunity not only to reward those bloggers who have provided you with minutes and minutes of entertainment over the last year but also to discover all those blogs out there you should be reading but have avoided because your friend Steve discovered them first and raved about them and then out of spite you refused to go to the site and allow Steve to feel good about himself even though you were robbing yourself of personal enjoyment.

Here's a (slightly) more formal introduction to what these awards are from this year's MC,
Orson from EDSBS:

To recognize the finest in college football blogging in all its shades and varietals:
funny, analytical, bitter, snarky, hopeful, speedy, thorough…we hope to catch them all. You don’t blog for the money, you do it for the joy of clearing fifteen hundred Russian spam messages from your inbox at 1:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. Take some lagniappe for being good at what you do, or nominate someone who deserves a laurel and hearty handshake for what they do every day for next to nothing.

There's plenty of categories to choose from...Best Blog, Best Writing, Funniest Blog, Best Looking Blog, etc... What you can do is
submit your nominations by Sunday January 27th. Once all the noms have been tallied by the "people's committee" the official nominees will be selected and you'll be able to cast your votes accordingly.

Admittedly I'm doing this a little quick but allow me throw a few suggestions out to you...

Best New Blog
- Three Idiots on Sports. Probably the most consistent SU-related newbie on the block (although young CuseAdelphia is breathing down their necks). Three Idiots provides a solid mix of insight, humor and bold discussion.

The Tyrone Prothro Award (
Best Post) - "State of the Orange: Part I & II," Orange44. Take all of the damning things we say and believe about DOCTOR Daryl Gross, Greg Robinson and the current state of SUAthletics. Now, combine in an informative and entertaining way. Mix in some solid commentary that comes from the heart while it goes for the jugular and you've got yourself the very definition of good blogging.

Best MSM (mainstream media) Blog - The Axeman. Don't call it The Axeman Bloggeth lest you want a sternly-worded letter from If we didn't know any better, despite the radio programs and locker room access, we'd think that he was one of us...and then we realize that he is. Axe combines the opinions of the outsiders with the access of the insiders and provides kick-ass commentary on all aspects of SU athletics, let alone football.

The Job Award
- "The blog that has suffered through its chosen team’s dismal season with the most dignity." As far as I'm concerned, this could be a Syracuse-nominee-only category. Oh wait, forgot about the dignity part.

Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog
- Still say its unfair for the Irish to be lumped in with us for a Football Bloggers Award considering the only sport they don't play in the Big East is FOOTBALL! Anyway, here's some fellow Big Easties who deserve some love:

Card Chronicle: Extremely dedicated, extremely passionate and extremely upset all season long.

Pitt Blather: Consistent and on the ball with the stats and post-game discussions. Great recap of their win that "knocked those stupid toothless West Virginians out of the BCS Championship game" didn't hurt.

We Must Ignite This Couch: I guess if you have to support a West Virginian, this would be the one. Plus, it's very funny.

So what are you waiting for already? Go vote!