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Just Because You Say Dynasty Doesn't Make It So

I remember my freshman year we were huddled in our dorm room watching Syracuse take on Duke in the Great Alaskan Shootout. A Duke player drove to the net and met a budding freshman by the name of Etan Thomas. Thomas swatted the shot all the way beyond the three-point arc. Thomas proceeded to preen for the crowd, throwing up some kind of unmemorable signal. What Etan wasn't aware of was that he had swatted the ball into the waiting arms of a Duke player who proceeded to drain a three-pointer that fell through the net and landed on Etan's skull.

How I felt about that display of showmanship pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole "Dynasty" thing right now (and
apparently I'm not alone). Really, anytime you're in a Big East dogfight, the outcome is in question and you end up losing 81-71 to make your record 13-6 (3-3), I really don't feel like symbolic gestures of greatness are really necessary. But that's just me.

Get your game recaps, hot and fresh from
Axeman and Orange44, both of whom finally fulfilled their man-crushes on each other, as well as the Three Idiots. As for my own thoughts, I have but a few as we must move on quickly to prepare for this evening's festivities with Georgetown.

The crowd. I saw some good (packed house, loud for the most part) and I saw some bad (the exodus began with more than a minute left while SU was still in the game). It reminded me of one of my biggest pet peeves about SU basketball. Why am I looking at a bunch of (for the most part) aging, seated, mildly-excitable crowds all game long while the raucous student section is off-camera? Why is it I turn on so many other college basketball games and see students and/or crazed fans all game long? I'm sure I'd get a long winded response about logistics and money and all but it wouldn't kill us to show off our greatest asset to national TV audiences, ya know?

We had not one but two "hold your breathe" moments during the game. Jonny Flynn takes an extremely-hard non-foul to the floor (thanks to Jay Wright for doing what the refs wouldn't and stopping play). Also at one point Donte Greene got tangled up and it looked like his knee was about to do a Bo Jackson. I'll take the moral victory of emerging unscathed in this one.

We were in some bad foul trouble, the worst all year...and we still hung with the ranked Wildcats. Yeah we couldn't close the deal but that's an encouraging sign nonetheless. Sadly, something tells me we have a season full of encouraging signs ahead of us before we're trying to break our own NIT attendance record come March.

The Orange continue their bad habit of forcing the issue on offense. Too many off-kilter shots and quick shots in lieu of a designed offensive set. No wonder Boeheim is losing all his hair (well...)

Every game is a learning experience for this team. Let's just hope we don't run into Tim Higgins too many more times while we're learning.

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)