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It Worked So Well For Football And Basketball, Why Not?

Syracuse football changed their uniforms in 2005. They have not had a winning season since.

Syracuse basketball changed their uniforms in March of 2007. They missed the NCAA Tournament and are on pace to do so again this year.

Not ones to listen to the winds of karma, Syracuse has unveiled new uniforms for the Syracuse men's lacrosse program. Hope you enjoyed that 20+ year run in the NCAA Tournament while it lasted...

The unis match the design of the basketball ones (which have grown on me...thankfully due to the lack of those skin-tight leggings that were teased). It makes sense since the unis are both designed by Nike. Inside Lacrosse has all the details.

Apparently this is a nationwide makeover for a lot of lacrosse programs. I'm all for moving forward but hopefully we all don't just look like we're wearing the same uniforms just in different colors. I don't want NCAA lacrosse to resemble one of those cheap-o Little Leagues where every team wears a variation of the same T-shirt.

(Photo: Inside Lacrosse)