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Honoring Laz

The Lazarus Sims Rochester Razorsharks jersey retirement is tonight. The Sharks (or is it Razors?) have a bunch of festivities planned. If you're in the area, not only will you be able to save $3 on admission but you'll be treated to a video tribute on the jumbotron, presumably at halftime.

First of all, the Rochester Razorsharks have a jumbotron? And the Carrier Dome doesn't? Awesome.

Second, the tribute is sure to feature some famous names of Syracuse past and present. One such name will be Sims' teammate and current head coach of Maryland NightHawks, one Lawrence Moten.

The NightHawks blog has a first look at Moten's kind words for Sims. It's a fitting tribute that culminates in the interviewer asking Lawrence what one word he would sum up Laz with?

He could have chosen any number of words, such as "Teammate." "Hustle." "Determination." "Lazariffic." But instead he went with...


Okay...that's um...positive. I think.