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The Greatest SU-USF Game Ever Played

When the 8-0 New England Patriots played the 7-0 Indianapolis Colts in the middle of the NFL season, the match-up was rightfully referred to as a battle of the unbeatens.

When Syracuse plays South Florida tomorrow, both teams are 1-0 in the Big East. While technically correct, only one shoveling forth an extremely heavy load of hyperbole would have the onions to call it a match-up of "unbeatens."

Shoveler, thy name be

While not the monster showdown they might have you believe, this isn't your Grandpa's Dad's slightly older brother's South Florida basketball team. After a beyond shaky start where they lost three in a row to Cleveland State, (whom I'm not even sure is a real college), Buffalo and Rhode Island, the Bulls rattled off 8 wins in a row. After a loss to Wake Forest, they've won three in a row, including a win over Rutgers to seal their "unbeaten" status.

Arinze Onuaku has recently move to the front and center of the Orange's attack but he may meet his match against South Florida's Kentrell Gransberry. Gransberry is currently averaging 15.2 points and 11.5 boards a game to Onuaku's 14.4 points and 7.9 boards. But those can be a little deceiving when you factor in the roles of their teammates on offense.

Also keep an eye on Dominique Jones, the teams leader in scoring (16.2) and steals (2.0). Expect a touch, physical game that will begin to test the Orange's resolve in the Big East. There are gimmes these days but the Orange should pass the test in preparation their next match-up with fellow Big east unbeaten" Cincinnati.

Prediction: Syracuse 89, South Florida 85