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Donte Greene: Triple Threat

You knew Donte could ball.

You learned yesterday he could drum.

But did you know he could tickle the ivories as well?

Donte Greene tickling the ivories - Watch more free videos

Reader Scott Wise sent this in and he provides a little backstory:

In Dec, 2006 I trekked to SU for a game. It was the same weekend all the high school teams with future SU players were there. Sunday morning I'm in the lobby of the Sheraton waiting for my ride to the airport when Donte walks over to the lobby piano and starts playing. I started recording from a distance as not to freak the kid out. Moments later Jonny Flynn walks over and plays with him too, unfortunately I ran out of batteries at that point.

Mabye SU will make the NCAA tourney this year, maybe they won't. But between Donte on the drums, Jonny Flynn on the piano, Rautins on the triangle (what else is he gonna do?) and Kristof! on the mic, I don't think anyone could take us in a Battle of the Bands. Bring it, Gonzaga!

As for Donte, I think Steve Stark down there says it best. "He can just do everything there is to do and there's only one other person in the world that can do that and that's Barbara Streisand."