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Daryl Gross Is An Agent For Change

When you show up at the next Syracuse basketball home game, don't be surprised if you are handed an orange t-shirt that reads "Real Women Wear Orange...And Provide Sound Solutions For The American Economy."

You gotta love the Internet for its ability to take worthless, public information and make it mean something so much more. Like say... presidential campaign contribution records. Don't you want to know if that actor you love from that movie about the killer lizard prefers Ron Paul or Mitt Romney? Wouldn't that insatiable need to know the political leanings of others apply to sports as well?

D.C. Sports Bog does the lord's work and lets us know exactly where out esteemed athletic director stands in the upcoming election.

The other big sporting beneficiary among the Dems has been Hillary Clinton, who seemed especially popular among league and team execs. She received a max contribution from David Stern and Eagles team president Joe Banner, and smaller contributions from WNBA President Donna Orender,
Syracuse AD Daryl Gross and executives with the NBA, Major League Baseball and the NFL Players Association.

What did Gross thrown down for Big Hill'? $500. Not too shabby. Of course, when Gross leaves SU to become Secretary of Athletics in Clinton's cabinet, we'll see why it was all worth it.

Naturally, I hit the
database where all this information is stored and tried to uncover some more SU-related contributors. Alas, only Nancy Cantor came up and she only gave a few bucks to some congressional candidates. Booooooring.

(Thanks to Billy for the head's up)

(Update: Credit where credit is due, The D.O. Sports blog noted this way back on Jan. 4th.)