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'Cusian Of The Year, First Round - #5 vs. #12

Okay, that wasn't really fair I guess.

So that brings us to the following participants in round 2 of the 'Cusian of the Year tournament:

DOCTOR Daryl Gross, Donte Greene, Greg Robinson, Jonny Flynn, Demetris Nichols, Mike Williams and Jim Boeheim.

Let's go ahead and finish off round one to find out the final participant in round two. Vote for who you think had a bigger impact on Syracuse sports in 2007, Mike Hopkins or Fantasia Goodwin? Voting through Wednesday, January 9th.

#5 Mike Hopkins

Rumored to succeed Boeheim one day.
Was named Jim Boeheim's succesor
No he wasn't!
Put his faith in God and not the one named Jim
Caused discussion


#12 Fantasia Goodwin

Got preggers, by the way.
Unpreggers, actually pretty good.