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'Cusian Of The Year, First Round - #3 vs. #14

It wasn't even close. In what I would consider something of an upset, Jonny Flynn took down Andrew Robinson in the latest match-up for 'Cusian of the Year. That makes the second participants DOCTOR Daryl Gross, Donte Greene, Jonny Flynn and Mike Williams. The next match-up is probably going to be just as lopsided as the previous one...

Remember, it's about who made the most impact on SU athletics in 2007, not whom you'd rather play in a game of beer pong (although the person could be both of those). Voting ends 1/5.

#3 Jim Boeheim

Stepped on the court for the 1,000th time as head coach
Threw down with Doug Gottlieb
Set up his replacement
Disliked Gary Walters
Made some duckets
Was accused of the inexcusable sin of cursing


#14 Max Suter

Could run, apparently.
Received kudos
Named to the All Big East team