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'Cusian Of The Year - Final Four

Donte Greene was a more influential presence on Syracuse athletics in the year 2007 than DOCTOR Daryl Gross??? Really? Damn you people and your biases.

Nevertheless, the 'Cusian of the Year tournament moves forward to the Final Four. You know what do by now (or judging by that Donte Greene/Daryl Gross vote, possibly not). Vote for the person who had more of an impact (good or bad) on Syracuse athletics in 2007. Voting for this round will conclude on Wednesday, January 16th and the finals will commence.

#5 Mike Hopkins

Rumored to succeed Boeheim one day.
Was named Jim Boeheim's succesor

No he wasn't!
Put his faith in God and not the one named Jim
Caused discussion


#8 Donte Greene

Was highly touted before he even got here.
Confirmed his spot atop the SU offense
Appreciated nationally.
Scored a lot.

#3 Jim Boeheim

Stepped on the court for the 1,000th time as head coach
Threw down with Doug Gottlieb
Set up his replacement
Disliked Gary Walters
Made some duckets
Was accused of the inexcusable sin of cursing


#2 Greg Robinson
Made some enemies
Inspired a drinking game
Actually won a big game
Cracked some jokes
Fought the fight
Made his mark after the games were over
Spoke less-than-highly about Rutgers
Made some cash
Kept his job
Actually started recruiting well