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'Cusian Of The Year - Championship

Alright, I'm calling it. In the closest match-ups on the entire tournament, the Final Four went down to the wire. By a mere vote, Greg Robinson eeked out Jimmy B while Mike Hopkins won by a small but safer margin over Donte Greene.

And here we are...

It's somewhat apropos that Mike Hopkins makes the finals over Boeheim. The Hopkins' succession story is ha-yuge news for Syracuse fans and throws 30+ years of stability into flux. The ensuing controversy that followed just took it to the next level. Not to mention the fact that most of the faces you see on the court for SU were personally recruited by Hopkins and might not be here without him. His impact on the Syracuse sports landscape this season has been major, and he's only getting started.

As for Greg, it was hard to imagine that he wouldn't be here. The man responsible for yet another painful football season is possibly the most talked-about coach at Syracuse...and most of it is rather unkind. He has a special way with words but its his way on the football field that made Syracuse and the nation take notice as the Orange continued their reign as one of the worst BCS teams in the country.

So who's gonna be your 'Cusian of the Year for 2007? Get to votin'. We'll name a winner on Friday.

#5 Mike Hopkins

Rumored to succeed Boeheim one day.
Was named Jim Boeheim's succesor

No he wasn't!
Put his faith in God and not the one named Jim
Caused discussion


#2 Greg Robinson
Made some enemies
Inspired a drinking game
Actually won a big game
Cracked some jokes
Fought the fight
Made his mark after the games were over
Spoke less-than-highly about Rutgers
Made some cash
Kept his job
Actually started recruiting well

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