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Behind The Cheesesteaks

With a zest for investigative journalism that would make Carl Monday proud, Patrick over at Giving 111 Percent is all over the Scoop aftermath. Patrick found the official arrest report and statement by Robert Washington and breaks them down, making some sound points:
  • According to Washington, the trio only ordered burgers, philly cheesesteaks and drinks. Considering all those sandwiches are in the $5 range, we're talking about some serious chowing down to reach $115. Impressive.
  • Who are these cheesesteak-inhaling beauties and when can I treat them to a Moons Over My Hammy? Well, don't count on it considering the trouble Washington and the police seemed to have locating them. Then again, considering the police now have their phone numbers, I don't think they're staying hidden too long.
  • Very good point by Patrick...this dude is from Philly and he orders a cheesesteak in Syracuse, NY? Blasphemy.
One final thing that stood out in the report. In the box marked occupation," the 40-year-old Washington entered "unemployed." You don't say...