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Appeal-ing Information

Every time updates it's Orange Appeal section, we take a closer look to determine what this random sampling really says about the SU athlete, and to a larger extent, society.

1. The battle over the best dining hall on campus rages on. While no one eatery can claim to be home of the athletes, the good news is that you have an equal chance of running into your favorite swimming & diving or cross country SU superstar at any given meal. Keep one eye on your felafel and one eye on the crowd.

2. Gordie Taylor needs to be introduced to electricity. Like, now.

3. Just as Kodos and Kang felt that "
We have reached the limits of what anal probing can teach us," so do I feel that we have reached the limits of what we can learn about the Will Ferrell movie-viewing habits of SU athletes. Clearly, Old School is and always will be the film of choice. Now, if you could tell me which P.T. Anderson film is Jackie Tang's favorite, then I'd feel like I was truly cutting to the core of who she really is. (She seems like a Magnolia girl to me)