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You're Not Just Recruting A Player, You're Recruiting His Family Too

As the recruits continue to roll in, it's hard for me to see them as anything but names on a list until practice comes and the 2008 season arrives. But sometimes, a name stands out. Last year, it was All-Conference Porn-Name recruit QB Cody Catalina. While such a name filled me the kind of glee you can only get from having the future star of Booty Busters 7, there's a name that just entered our world that fills me with just a hint of trepidation.


As in, Mikhail Marinovich of Milford Academy, who made a verbal commitment to play football at SU yesterday. To answer your first question, yes, he's the brother Todd "Marijuanavich" Marinovich. I'm assuming I don't have to answer your second question because, yes, that makes Marv Marinovich his Dad.

Marinovich is a bit of a jack of all trades on defense and SU has talked to the 6-foot-6, 220-pound player about playing tight end, defensive end, outside linebacker and safety. Marinovich led his school with 15 sacks last season and ran a 4.52 speed in the 40.

If nothing else, you can't say Marinovich isn't motivated:

"I'm not trying to be another guy that's been through the ranks," Marinovich said. "I try to hold myself to a higher standard. If I'm playing defense, I'm shooting for that sack record or being all conference. If I'm playing offense, I'm going for the most yards. Whatever position, I'm shooting to be the best. I'm not shooting just to start."

I'm picturing Lattimer from The Program. You know, minus the steroids and muffled rape charges.

Apparently Mikhail has trained "off and on under his father" (uh-oh) but he also seems motivated by the techniques SU are training with that are different (whew). I'm assuming brother Todd will be in the stands for a few games, assuming he's not in prison of course.