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Virginia Is For Lovers...Of Getting Thier Asses Whomped

Get to know Sean Singletary, you'll be hearing his name a lot tonight when the Orange visit the 6-1 Virginia Cavaliers.

Singletary leads the Cavs in scoring (20.4 ppg), assists (6.8 apg) and steals (11). He's shooting 40.4 percent from three-point range as well. Point is, might want to put a body on this guy. Mamadi Diane and Adrian Joseph are also averaging double-digit points and the team is averaging 83.3 points per game overall.

The Cavaliers have an impressive resume already, with a win at #17 Arizona and over pesky Penn. They did, however,
lose to Big East upstart Seton Hall two weeks ago. The three-ball seemed to play a major part in the victory.

This isn't the Tulane game again. The Cavs are a lot like us, they like to keep the game moving and they like to score. I haven't checked what the over/under is, but I'm willing to bet you should take the over, especially if Syracuse's defense hasn't vastly improved in the last few days.

For a much more in-depth preview, be sure to check out the guest-blogger on
Axeman's site today, A.E.M. He of Cuse Chronicles breaks down the Cavaliers and what the Orange need to do to stop them:

1) Do not let Singletary do more than what he usually does. He will get his points, make sure that he does not have one of those career games against you.

2) Try to keep the front court of Virginia from getting a lot of offensive rebounds.

3) Watch the three point shooters, if left wide open they will drill it with a great percentage.

4) Do not get into the run and gun games because I believe that UVa will have more horses in the end.

5) Pound the ball down low to Greene and Onuaku, where Virginia are not as powerful as the Orange.

6) Flynn must play within himself or another guard (just like Butler of OSU) will show him up in this game as well.

My immediate guess is that this game is all about the learning experience and we're likely to walk away with an L here. Obviously I'm hopeful but going against an up-tempo team that likes to shoot the three with a star senior leading the charge does not bode well at this time.

Virigina 92, Syracuse 84

This game is important for a lot of obvious reasons, including the fact this its a road game against a good opponent, something for Boeheim-haters to chew on. But perhaps it's importance can also be stated in the fact that even though this is a big game on paper, the Orange aren't exactly playing a cupcake on Saturday either.