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Syracuse's Solution To Athletics Woes...More Women

You know, if everyone focused on women's sports at Syracuse instead of the men's, DOCTOR Daryl Gross would be hailed as an innovator and a mastermind.

While the football program is in shambles, the men's basketball program currently seems heading towards its second straight non-NCAA tournament season and the men's lacrosse program has lost it's elite status, the
women's volleyball team is doing just fine, the women's lacrosse team is the defending Big East champ and has a certain legend at its helm and the field hockey team is nationally-ranked.

Now, the women's basketball team might actually be good too.
Their 79-46 victory against Northeastern on Sunday put the Orange at 7-1 on the season. Their only loss was a respectable one, to #6 North Carolina. Otherwise, the Orange are off to their best start since 1997-1998.

You can thank head coach Quentin Hillsman for taking what was a yearly afterthought on campus and turning them into a formidable team. 9-20 last season, the team will soon eclipse that win total and looks likely to compete in the Big East for the first time in a while. But don't take my word for it, the Post-Standard's Dave Rahme, a self-described "football/hockey/lacrosse guy" is telling you
not to sleep on these gals.

Besides, you know you're curious to know what happened to Fantasia "
Oh by the way I was preggers during last season" Goodwin. She's not only a full-time mom, but she's also averaging 13.4 points and 8.3 rebounds per game. I'd like to see Eric Devendorf try that. (On second thought, that would probably end horribly and involve DYFES so forget it...)