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Syracuse No Longer Runs On White Power

Syracuse fans were anticipating a change at the coaching ranks once the season ended. They got what they wanted, but perhaps not the one they had in mind. Syracuse fired offensive coordinator Brian White yesterday over Greg Robinson's desire to "go in a different direction."

When asked what direction he'd like to go in, Robinson replied "I don't know."

I made that up. But knowing Greg, I probably didn't.

White came to Syracuse in 2006 after six seasons as the offensive coordinator at Wisconsin. He coached Ron Dayne and helped turn him into a Heisman Trophy winner which, any New York Giants fan will tell you, seems like Herculean work.
Alas, looking at the numbers for the current Syracuse offense (114th overall offense, 116th in scoring, and 118th in sacks allowed) it's a pretty defensible decision to let him go, fall guy or not.

So now two questions loom.

#1, Who replaces White? Axe makes some interesting suggestions, on staff (QB coach Phil Early) and from elsewhere (Karl Dorrell, Mitch Browning).

#2, What does the offense look like next year? We still talkin' Pistol? Or do we go to a more streamlined West Coast offense? Or something totally different? The good news for Robinson?

He's already got a built-in excuse ready to go for 2008 (courtesy of the

"Our offensive coordinator is trying to adjust our players to his system"

I'm sure our players will want to adjust. They'll want it. The new offensive coordinator will want it. Coach Robinson will want it. They'll just keep fighting the fight. Cause they want to. They really do.

Seriously, does Robinson need a speechwriter? I've got this shit in the bag.