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SU Football Fossil-Watchless For Another Season

Balderdash to anyone who says college players don't get paid. They get paid, just in ways that the NCAA turns the other cheek to cause a giant corporation paid them enough money to do so.

Take bowl games, for instance. When Syracuse returned from their Gator Bowl in 1996, you couldn't walk through the quad without seeing one of those schnazzy Gator Bowl champ windbreakers. A free jacket was the height of opulence back then.

Too bad they don't have a chance to play for the Gator Bowl this year where the participating players will be given a Jostens ring, Oakley Thump sunglasses and a two-piece Mercury Luggage set. Other than trying to figure out the logistics of taking back two extra suitcases on a flight when you've already brought two with you, that's a sweet deal.

Let's see what the Big East's bowl teams will be schwaging this year:

International Bowl
Team: Rutgers
Gifts: Fossil watch, Mercury Luggage club bag Bowl
Team: Cincinatti
Gifts: Slingbox, Watch, Oakley sunglasses, Armor Gear backpack, travel valet, t-shirt, ESPN the Magazine 1-year subscription

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Gifts: Garmin portable GPS, Fossil watch, Armor Gear laptop bag, cap

Brut Sun Bowl
Team: USF
Gifts: Sony Bravia surround sound system

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Team: West Virginia
Gifts: Vizio 20-inch, LCD HDTV, Tourneau watch, Oakley sunglasses, hat

Can I ask a dumb question? You spend millions of dollars to sponsor a bowl game and you can't spring for the goodie bag? Tostitos didn't have a couple extra cases of Scoops sitting around? Brut doesn't have a couple extra bottles lying around? It's not like people are actually buying Brut anyway...