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The Solution To Syracuse's Football Woes? Change The Uniform.

Syracuse is slowly but surely developing an "Oregon East"-like reputation for its constant uniform tinkering and "interesting" decisions concerning them. We all seem to have gotten over the initial shock of the System of Dress for the basketball team, especially now that it's clear we're never going to wear those cockamamie leggings or bodysuits underneath the uniforms (Everyone could have saved themselves a lot of PR headaches by just saying that from the get-go).

So that leave us with the ever-changing football uniform. First they went retro, which was okay for some but not to many. Then they started tinkering and we got scared something awful would happen. Then something awful happened.

Well get ready, cause the tinkering isn't done:

Expect more tweaking of the uniforms in 2008. White will be re-introduced on the numbers of the blue jerseys and down the blue stripe of the orange pants. Gotta have some relief from the color saturation of the home ensemble. That's really why the team wore the white jerseys for the final home game of the season against Cincinnati.

Good idea, although it's a little like tweaking the BCS. You can't shine a turd, ya know? There is one shining piece of good information though:

The Orange jerseys, which were total duds, are done.

And of course, it wouldn't make sense to stick to a uniform scheme for longer than 365 days, cause:

Enjoy this look while you can because a full redesign could be coming in 2009.

Donnie has a good idea. He'd like to see a return to the 1959 style uniform in two seasons. I'm saying why wait until 2009? The week of October 3rd, when The Express comes out, Syracuse should absolutely be wearing retro unis, if for no other reason than the fact that all eyes will be on SU football that weekend. Think of the pub, baby! And if you're DOCTOR Gross, think of the merchandise!