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So That's Why The Dome Dogs Are So Expensive

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From the Rubbing Salt In Wounds Department, USA Today compiled a Cost-Per-Win analysis for college football coaches.

The people at Bowling Green certainly got their money's worth at $22, 989 per win ($183,909 salary for coach Gregg Brandon, 8 wins). Buffalo got their money's worth from Turner Gill as well, $38k per each of their 5 wins.

You know where I'm going with this but before we get there let's marvel at Minnesota's Tim Brewster, whose $1 million salary brought them 1 win...quite a pricey one at that. Coming in a number four on the overall list was, of course, Greg Robinson and his $1.05 million dollar salary. At 2 wins, each of them cost Syracuse north of $527,000 dollars.

For the record, only one guy in the top ten has been canned (Duke's Ted Roof). For the record yet again, Ted Roof was being paid the same as Joe Paterno. For the record for the last time, Ted Roof won 6 games in 5
years there. For the record and this is it, Duke's executive staff has issues.

And while we're on the subject, Syracuse's 2007 salary information was posted and it's none too enticing to look at:

1. Jim Boeheim, $1,125,850

2. Greg Robinson, $1,019,600

3. Nancy Cantor, $540,000

4. Louis Marcoccia, $414,750

5. Daryl Gross, $400,670

What's more shocking, that Greg Robinson makes double Joe Paterno or that he almost makes as much as Jim Boeheim?
This brings two other things to mind.

First of all, who the hell is Louis Marcoccia? Second, it's gotta be an uncomfortable situation for athletic directors when the head coaches of your two top programs make more than double what you make. And conversely, how do you take orders from a guy whose house cost less than your car?

(Google tells me Marcoccia is Syracuse's CFO. Of COURSE he's making bank!)