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Greg-Speak Goes National

Apparently ESPN's Ivan Meisel woke up December 24th, looked at his files and said to himself, "Oh shit, I didn't hit my quota for stories involving Syracuse football for 2007." Why else would he be writing an apropos-of-nothing puff piece about Greg Robinson and the rebuilding of the SU program?

Fortunately for Ivan, Robinson is always ready to give good Greg:

"People have to feel there is definitive, tangible growth," Robinson said, "[so that] they can see it and feel it. What a bowl would do for us would be outstanding."

The Quest For Toronto is born anew, people...

"I'm not concerned about what Mitch [Browning] is going to do."

Greg, remember when we talked about those kinds of comments that we should only say with our internal voice? Yes, Greg, this is one of them.

"Throughout the course of the year, I saw flashes."

Might want to see a doctor about that. My grandmother went through the same thing.

"I really believe. I know we are ready. It's development. This isn't easy. The culture has been developed."

Yes. Good. Positive, Greg. And in no way, awkward.

"I see young players that are flashing at me all throughout the year."


"We just need to develop all these guys into being good players. I have seen it."

The "I have seen it" at the end made me do one of those spit-laughs. Is he Gregstradamous now? And that's great and all that you looked into the future and saw the players' development, but perhaps while you were out there in the ether you could have spied how we did against Akron? Just a peek?