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Raging Fanz

Three Idiots covered this on Friday but I thought it was just too good to pass up. From the "I swear to you, they didn't interview me and I pretended to be a Raging Bullz ticket season holder" files, I give you Shane Sutliff.
Shane was interviewed by the Post-Standard in a reaction piece to the demise of the Raging Bullz. Shane paid $81 for an upper-deck Bullz season-ticket (just one, natch) for eighteen promised home games, only two of which they played before closing up shop.

Shane is also a living, breathing piece of pure gold. How so?

"I did enjoy the two home games," Sutliff said wistfully. "I'll have fond memories of looking at the tickets and thinking of the good times."


Q: Are you bitter?

A:"Totally...I'm just really upset. I feel as a season-ticket holder, I was misled."


Q: Why did you buy the tickets?

A:"I love basketball. It was just automatic when I heard we were having a pro team here. (Syracuse University) charges much higher prices and I consider professional sports as a higher grade than collegiate."


Q: Who was your favorite player?

A: "Ferris and Matthew Patterson...And I did like the head coach. I don't know what his name is"

If you don't want to head over to a Class-A minor league baseball game with Shane and talk some shop over a few beers, well then you're dead inside. That's all I can say.