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Power Pollin' 12/3

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My submission for this week's Big East Bloggers Power Poll (my placement last-week in parenthesis)

1) Georgetown (1)

2) Pittsburgh (2)

3) Marquette (3)

4) Louisville (4)

5) Villanova (6)

6) Syracuse (5)
7) Providence (9)
8) West Virginia (10)
9) UConn (8)
10) Seton Hall (7)

11) Notre Dame (11)

12) St. Johns (12)

13) South Florida (16)

14) Rutgers (13)

15) Cincy (14)

16) DePaul (15)

Syracuse ends up all the way down in #9 in the overall poll. Guess people weren't too impressed with the UMass loss. Georgetown remains up top mostly because they've done what they were supposed to while many others have faltered. They'll get a decent test this week at Alabama. Notre Dame's
Kyle McAlarney was named Player of the Week and Dominique Jones of South Florida ended Donte Greene's run as Freshman of the Week.

In the land of the AP/ESPN Polls, SU is unranked again but recieved a handful of votes in the ESPN Poll. Ranked Big East teams include Georgetown (#5/#4), Marquette (#11/#15), Pitt (#12/#9), Louisville (#14/#11) and Villanova (#25/#21) with West Virginia and UConn on the cusp.

(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)