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Orange Trade White For

Okay Mitch, I'm gonna make it up to you. Let's just pause, put that down. Let's just take a step back. No, I was wrong, I'm sorry, take a step forward. Now, take a step back. Step forward. Back. And then we're cha-cha-ing!

-Val Kilmer, Real Genius

I fully expect that conversation to happen at some point in Greg Robinson's office now that Mitch Browning has been hired as the new offensive coordinator.

Browning made his mark at Minnesota where he arrived in 1997 with Glen Mason.

In 1997, Browning went to Minnesota with head coach Glen Mason from the University of Kansas. He served as the Gophers tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator for two seasons and then added the offensive tackles to his coaching responsibilities. In 2000, he was named co-offensive coordinator and in 2005 he assumed sole responsibility for the offense, while continuing to coach the tight ends and tackles.

Browning’s Gopher offenses ranked in the top 35 nationally in total offense for seven consecutive seasons and produced the top five single-season total offense efforts in Minnesota history, including a school-record 6,430 yards in 2003.

In classic Greg Robinson form, Greg's thoughts on Mitch stretch one singular thought as far as can possibly be done:

"Mitch’s trademark is a dominant offense with an effective running game and an efficient throwing game to create a balanced attack. He directs offenses that advance the ball downfield and score points. He creates a balanced attack."

So you can be sure that Mitch's balanced attack will be balanced in the balanced offense for the balance of the season.

Browning made a statement of his own as well:

"A big part of my decision to come to Syracuse was the leadership of (director of athletics) Daryl Gross and (head coach) Greg Robinson."

SOMEONE hasn't been reading his blogs...

"There is great tradition at Syracuse with the likes of Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Don McPherson, Donovan McNabb, Marvin Harrison and Dwight Freeney. Hopefully we can continue that tradition,"

Play to your base. Good.

"I have been impressed by the knowledge and work ethic of the Syracuse coaches on the offensive side of the ball. Our job and challenge will be to somehow, some way manufacture offense, to sustain drives and score points."

Keepin' it real, Mitch. I like that. Even as your taking the job you respect the fact that your stepping into a quagmire. Now fix it.