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Orange Take On Huskies This Weekend. No, Not Those Ones...

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Not content until they've defeated every Division 1-A (excuse me, Basketball Tournament Subdivision) from the North East, the Orange will take on the lesser of two Huskies from the region on Sunday, the Northeastern kind.

It SHOULD be a fairly routine game, and I use say SHOULD knowing full well that just by doing so I have cursed the team into a nail-biting affair now. The Huskies are 4-6 and have lost to all the quality teams they have faced (Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, UConn and Boston College). To be fair though, they haven't lost many of those games by much, only losing to BC and Maryland by 2

The Orange (9-3) are riding a 3-game winning streak and should have no problem reaching number 4. The Orange cruised to a
81-58 win last year against the Huskies. The post-Devo Era continues and in Donte, Jonny, Paul, Arinze, Scoop and Kristof! we trust.

It's the final warm-up for the Orange before Big East play begins with St. John's on January 2nd. Let's work out a few bugs in this one so we're ready to make up for the ground lost earlier in the season.

Syracuse 87, Northeastern 76