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Move Over Moten?

It’s fun to assume, isn’t it? Forget what your parents said, it makes life so much more enjoyable.

For instance, let’s assume that Eric Devendorf will be coming back for two full seasons. Let’s assume that once he does he will be the focal point of the offense. Let’s assume he’s back at full strength with a renewed vigor. Let’s assume the Orange continue to score at will for the next few years.

With all that assuming… could Devo become Syracuse’s all-time leading scorer? Astute reader Scott breaks it down:

I believe Devo's scored 1115 points so far in his SU career. Lawrence Moten's school record is 2,334 points. If Devo comes back for two more seasons and plays 60 games, he'll need to average 20 points to hit the mark. Difficult, but not impossible…Of course any post-season runs will put Devo way past that record.

Again, so much of this is assumptions. If Donte Greene stays another year, clearly he’s the offensive focus next season. What about the guys from the incoming class? What about Rautins? And what about Devo’s supposed interest to get to the NBA post haste?

20 points/game is a tall order for anyone, let alone someone surrounded by such good shooters. The safe bet is to say that if he stays both years, Devo will find himself in the Top 5 all-time. No one is within almost 200 points of Moten and with so many great players before him, it's hard to believe Devo could be the guy to do it. But for now, we can always assume…