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Jordan. Pippen. Nichols.

No word on whether or not they've started building the cast of Demetris Nichols' statue that will one day be erected (teeheehee) outside the United Center next to that Michael Jordan, but they may want to consider getting a head start now that Nichols is a Bull. Mike Waters explains...

Demetris Nichols is headed to the Chicago Bulls...The Bulls claimed Nichols off waivers on Friday. The Cleveland Cavaliers had released Nichols earlier this week to make room for veteran forward Anderson Varejao, a restricted free agent who had signed an offer sheet with the Charlotte Bobcats. When Cleveland matched Charlotte's offer, the Cavaliers had to release a player.

Nichols first game for the Bulls will be on Saturday when they host the Boston Celtics. Chicago is currently 5-11. Let's hope Nichols get a chance this time around. Third team's the charm, right? (Not counting Portland)